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We are currently seeking volunteers for:

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Tasks

  • Gather resources on GBA+
  • Develop training and capacity development tools
  • Analysis of GBA+ in the 5 safety net areas
  • Share information on GBA+ with teams
  • Help complete GBA+ analysis on political structures

Communications External

  • Post materials on website
  • Create social media posts
  • Draft news releases
  • Secure spots for op eds and other communication
  • Develop memes
  • Create videos for outreach and education

Collaborative Governance Relations Tasks

  • Gather resources on Collaborative Governance
  • Develop training and capacity development tools
  • Support development of Collaborative Governance in 5 safety net areas
  • Create communications materials

Gender Budgets Tasks

  • Update $ gender budget document from 2007
  • Review previous Manitoba Gender Budget Work
  • Review CCPA Alternative Budgets
  • Research budget info for each of 5 safety net areas
  • Help 5 areas complete change matrix
  • Project tax & finance changes for Reweaving Support vision
  • Meet with Treasury board staff gather information
  • Share gender budget principles with 5 safety net area leads

Outreach & Organizing Tasks

  • Identify leaders and friendlies in regions across Manitoba
  • Identify leaders in 5 safety net areas across Manitoba
  • Identify leaders of intersectional causes
  • Develop outreach plan to support engagements in other regions and organizations

Database and Internal Comms

  • Ensure we follow ethics for data collection
  • Organize data base for Reweaving Support
  • Merge data with Nation Builder
  • Maintain database lists


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