The Reweaving Support Project approach to the housing affordability and supply crisis is to focus  to determine the scope of the social housing short fall, on creating a formula to determine the number of low rent units needed, the units needed in the social housing portfolio, then determining the best approach to how many should be public housing and how many can be not for profit. The ability of the private sector to supply of low rent housing is also up for consideration and the best way to guaranteed quality for subsidies to house people requiring housing support in the private sector. 

The Reweaving Support Project is focused on preventing homelessness, housing precarity and housing insecurity by increasing the supply of and protecting the existing supply of low rent housing. This means building the supply of social and public housing, regulating rents and tenancy to prevent unsustainable rent increases, renovictions, condo-conversions, gentrification, privatization and the financialization of housing. Canada and Manitoba are obligated, as signatories to the UN Covenant for Social and Economic Rights, to ensure homelessness and a lack of housing and housing unaffordability are a thing of the past. 

Key Groups
The lead organization for housing security is Canadian Centre for Housing Rights. Other partners include.
System Mapping
Who are the partners in providing housing security and housing services? How do they relate and communicate?
Reweaving Support Baseline Change Matrix
This tool shows the current spending and fiscal framework, legal and policy framework, staffing and programming, public education, community engagement or partnerships and governance frameworks for housing security programs. 
Historical overview and evolution of our social housing, rent supplement and rent regulation systems
Situation Assessment
Drivers of gender based violence – sense making and situation analysis
Change Matrix for a new housing security system


The main work of the project is engaging as many Manitobans as possible with experience in the supply of social and public housing, in landlord and tenant cooperation, in rent regulation and rent supplement initiatives and services to re-imagining our housing security systems. This includes supports for all people, all parents and families, all Manitobans no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, location, ability or citizenship. Of particular interest in the inter-jurisdictional role clarification for Manitoba between the municipal, provincial, federal governments as well as the community and private sector for housing security.


Key Reports and Strategies local, other jurisdictions

Understanding Women’s Housing Precarity: Before and Beyond the Pandemic

Author: Brenda Parker, Catherine Leviten-Reid, and Isobel Araujo


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The Latest News

Author: CHEC

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Efficiency for All - A review of provincial/territorial low-income energy efficiency programs with lessons for federal policy in Canada

Author: Abhilash Kantamneni and Brendan Haley