Our Five (5) Areas of Focus

While the social safety net is broad, Reweaving Support is focusing on 5 areas: Income Security, Housing Security, Child Development and Early Learning (CDEL), Child and Family Services (CFS), and Gender Based Violence (GBV). Here we share the research, information, policies, recommendations and visions for systems change in these areas. We seek to engage Manitobans with experience with these systems to create a powerful shared vision for how to apply a GBA+ and other lenses like healthy public policy and trauma informed to these systems. Reweaving Support also sees these five systems as forming a system of systems that must be better aligned with improved policy coordination, better staff collaboration in support of Manitoba families and a bigger picture or systemic approach that goes beyond offering services to individuals to empowering families and community. 

We invite you to click the links below to learn more about each of Reweaving Support areas of focus:


Child Development and Early Learning (CDEL)


Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Income Security

Child and Family Services (CFS)


Social Safety Net Area Groups
  • System Mapping and Situation Assessment
  • Change Matrix & Timeline
  • Key Reports, Research and Evidence
  • GBA+ and Vision – Change Matrix
  • How to Engage - Meetings & Events