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Reweaving Support – Collaboration for Systems Change

Community Input – Survey

This survey is providing an opportunity for Manitobans to contribute to the Reweaving Support project re-envisioning our social safety net. The Reweaving Support Project is focused on re-imagining the social safety net in Manitoba by seeing it through an intersectional gender lens. We want it to be trauma informed, to consider colonization and reconciliation with Indigenous People and other current best practices.

The Reweaving Support Project is using PAR or Participatory Action Research. Your idea for transforming our social safety may contain important information about the issues people face when interacting with these systems, and strategies people can use to make a difference to get help for themselves and their families. We want to hear your ideas and your recommendations.

You can fill out the survey in any or all of the five areas. We have divided the survey into sections to follow the areas of responsibilities or powers of the provincial government, these sections will aid us in mapping the social safety net system.

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