Woman Healing For Change Manitoba Inc. (WHFC) is a cross-cultural, diverse, volunteer-based expanding circle of Manitoba women converging to create environments of learning and healing for women.

Principles and Goals

In carrying out our purpose WHFC is guided by the following principles and goals.

  • Organize retreats and events which facilitate and foster healing and wellness of mind, body, spirit and emotion for women
  • Provide opportunities for women to learn new skills and to empower themselves and other women
  • Incorporate the expertise and experience of Manitoba women as organizers, leaders facilitators, mentors and elders
  • Encourage the healing of self to reflect an image of change and growth to our own families, to other families and to communities

Our Founders

  • Carol Rose,
  • Joan Turner,
  • Gela Stach,
  • Karen Toole,
  • Elder Mae Louise Campbell,
  • Elder Myra Laramee,
  • Trish Gould,
  • Esther Klassen, etc.

Women come together for different purposes and in different ways. At the center of all activities is our belief in the empowerment of women and creating change through healing, education and the development of new skills. We have an expressed and clear goal to provide for the care of and involvement of children – particularly for the gifts and resources that each woman and child brings.


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