The Reweaving Support Project is using the Change Matrix to map each of the five areas of the social safety net: CFS, early learning and childcare, income security, housing security, and social supports for gender based violence and abuse. Lead organizers have prepared a baseline change matrix or how the system currently is in 2023-24.

The main product of the Reweaving Support Project will be to engage stakeholders from the community to complete the change matrix with a new vision for each area of the social safety net seen through an intersectional gender lens as well as other lenses.

The Change Matrix can be used as a system mapping, planning and knowledge translation tool in any area, system or issue.



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What will you learn from this Product?

  • The Change Matrix is designed to encourage research and apply the findings to create change goals.
  • The goals are fleshed out by running them through a matrix of systems powers or levers or other system powers or levers to create a concise vision and actionable strategy for change.
  • This social innovation tool will support knowledge translation, or mobilization and drive evidence-based policy, decisions, plans, and programs.





Change Matrix Blank Templates for 5 Areas