Our Desire

Reweaving Support’s goal is to embrace the process of collaboration for systems change - reweaving the social safety net and strengthening collaborative relationships between ourselves, each other, and our systems. Weaving people and organizations together in a movement of healing and change that empowers us all.

Reweaving Support is hosted by Woman Healing for Change Inc and funded by the Woman and Gender Equality Grant. It is a 2.5-year province-wide systems change project to engage organizations and interested Manitobans in reimagining and reweaving our social safety net.

We are applying Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) to assess the social safety net and pursue participatory action research (PAR) in five areas: Child Development and Early Learning (CDEL), Child and Family Services (CFS), housing security and income security, as well as gender-based violence (GBV) and abuse prevention and intervention supports.

Our Quest

The Reweaving Support project aims to take a "be the change we want to see approach" to remake a pandemic and climate-smart social safety net, with social programs that are trauma-informed, evidence-based, anti-oppressive, centering community empowerment, justice and strength-based approaches. The project does this by building a movement of healthy public policy, collaborative governance and participatory gender-based budgeting.