Reweaving Support is about building collaborative capacity within the community then between community and government sectors. To do this we will be organizing a community of practice with partners who share this vision and the goals of equity, sustainability and inclusion.

Some of the areas of focus for the training include:

  • Reweaving Support Introduction and Engagement
  • Collaborative governance
  • The Politics of Unity c
  • Theories of Change
  • Government and Community Engagement
  • Systems thinking
  • Trauma Informed Systems Change
  • Beyond Tinkering – Whole Government Engagement – Change Matrix
  • Navigating social service systems
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Participatory Gender Budgeting
  • Implementing our Change Matrix

There will be a schedule of capacity building and training sessions in these areas as well as ongoing community of practice meetings. The training sessions will be video taped and available on this website along with other materials.